ALEA means Luck, in Latin ...

The history of Souvenir Edicions starts 15 years ago. In 2004, sisters Carme and Margalida Castells founded ALEA Cultura i Patrimoni CB, a cultural consultancy whose business plan was awarded by the City of Palma, with a Eureka award in the category of sustainable company.


Afterward, the project was transformed into ALEA Serveis Professionals SLU, with Margalida at the helm and surrounded by a great team of collaborators from different disciplines, with whom she formed a solid and reference project in Mallorca.

ALEA has directed projects of cultural management attending the needs of public administrations and cultural institutions of the Balearic Islands. Over the years, ALEA has coordinated and developed actions such as exhibitions, guided and dramatized visits for schoolchildren and families, content for technical catalogs, educational materials, scientific publications and articles in the media.

Among our projects, the coordination of the technical file of the declaration of the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca) as a UNESCO World Heritage in the category of Cultural Landscape (2010) stands out.

During his family trips, Margalida discovered a concept of educational entertainment that did not exist in Mallorca: publications for children to learn about the city, museums, and monuments, and for parents to plan leisure time to enjoy the holidays. In order to apply the idea to Mallorca, he shared the idea with Lluïsa Calafat and José Juan Luna, two people from his team whose training and interests fit into this new project.

The idea materialized in 2015 when Lluïsa and Margalida founded the Souvenir Edicions publishing house. Together they published the first five titles, and since 2019 Margalida continues leading the project, which will see its catalog of products grow with new publications in preparation.

We invite you to meet our team and discover what we do.

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