With this motto and with great enthusiasm, in 2015 we created Souvenir Edicions.

Souvenir Edicions is an editorial stamp of publications, games, and experiences of educational leisure, so that children and families have fun learning, and discover together the curiosities, stories, and secrets that Mallorca reserves … and that do not appear in the conventional tourism guides!

Our PRODUCTS are designed to be used and enjoyed, to awaken curiosity about Mallorca.

During the holidays or back home, the little ones will become explorers, learning their history and traditions in an active and fun way through our books and games, which show the most emblematic corners and symbols of the island in a language that they understand and in a language adapted to their age.

But also, we also want to help you, in a practical way, when you ask yourself “What to do in Mallorca as a family”. Our proposals are ideal plans for families who want to share fun and exciting EXPERIENCES, discover unique places and experience special moments that become part of family memories.

Do you know why our brand is called Souvenir? We want children to have memorable memories of this unforgettable time in Mallorca as a family.



We know that leisure time is an opportunity to learn while playing. We apply the tools of edutainment (educational entertainment) to integrate cultural content, playful elements and an educational approach to our products and experiences – activities, games, family visits, storytelling,… Our products are rigorous, attractive and safe.


We consider that Mallorca is more than sun and beach, it is a cultural destination throughout the year. Our origins, training, and experience allow us to know and appreciate the unique character of the island, the beauty of its Mediterranean landscapes, the gastronomy, the traditions and the Mediterranean way of life, the uniqueness, and richness of the cultural heritage left by the different cultures. We love Mallorca, we are proud to live here and therefore we offer content and unique proposals for residents and tourists who want to discover and explore the authentic Mallorca, from January to December.


We believe in the value of heritage disclosure. The dissemination and communication actions are a tool for heritage conservation because those who know, respect more. Our contents are rigorous in dates and historical facts but also highlight values ​​and peculiarities so that the whole family can better understand the uniqueness of the place they are visiting, establish similarities and differences with the place where they reside, and consequently appreciate and respect the natural and cultural heritage of the island.


We recognize the value of parents and grandparents in the transmission of knowledge and attitudes. Family time, during weekends and holidays, is quality time. We propose fun, meaningful and educational activities because we know that these moments exploring the island, reading, playing or cooking together, are the best time invested. Opportunities for dialogue between generations and spaces to comment on values and express emotions are generated, family bonds are strengthened and unforgettable memories are built.


We are proud of the local creative talent. The whole creative process, from the idea to the impression -passing content, illustrations, photographs, translations, web and editorial design, conceptualization of games and experiences-, takes place in Mallorca, with a team of professionals living on the island, united by the passion for what we do and the love towards Mallorca. Our other suppliers are also local.


We want to leave a positive mark on the environment. All our products are produced in Mallorca, following sustainable practices and using the most environmentally friendly materials. We print on the island to reduce CO2 emissions, with FSC paper and ecological inks, following optimized processes to reduce paper consumption. Our containers and packaging do not contain plastics to be reused and recycled.


We focus on excellence. Our small family of products grows at a quiet pace because we take care of the creative process. The contents and illustrations are prepared to measure for each project, pampering all the details so that the product is inspiring and practical. A team of translators supervises the coherence and quality of the texts. And as we care about safety, our games comply with the European norm UNE-EN-71-3, safety in toys.


We have a social purpose. We were born in 2004 with a vision: to contribute from culture and heritage to the socio-economic development of our community. For this reason, we received the first Sustainable Eureka Award, from the City Council of Palma, for projects that generate Social, Ecological, Environmental or Cultural Promotion. Fifteen years later we remain firm in our social commitment: we support local development, we advocate equal opportunities for men and women, social cohesion and the reconciliation of personal and professional life. The annual profits are reinvested in the development of new projects and our transactions are made through ethical banking.

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