Legal Information

First.- Web OWNER

In accordance with art. 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce, it is reported that the domain (hereinafter WEB) is owned and managed by Alea Professional Services SL (hereinafter OWNER) with ID number B57529018, domiciled at C/ Cotlliure, 31, 3º, 3º, 07120 Palma, and that it is a company included in the Commercial Register of the Balearic Islands, Volume 2308, book 0, folio 159, page PM 60257, entry 1, since November 20, 2007. The OWNER can be reached via email at

Second.- Object of the web

The OWNER makes available to the public (hereinafter the USER) a series of texts when accessing the WEB which includes graphics, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and software (hereinafter CONTENTS). The contents of the WEB are provided and created by the OWNER.

Third.- Access to the web

Access to and use of the WEB by the USERS is free and does not require prior authorization, subscription or registration.

Important: The access and navigation on the WEB and/or the use of services offered on this site implies that the USER who accesses and uses it knows and accepts the Privacy Policy, the legal notice, and general conditions herein specified, as well as the modifications that might take place, having to regularly access them in order to be updated about them. Otherwise, users should not access this WEB.

Access to and use of the WEB by the USER does not imply any obligation from the OWNER regarding the quality and speed of access which may modify the conditions of access or even suspend access to the WEB, or to part of the WEB without prior notice, in regards to which the OWNER may not be held responsible for any consequences or damages caused by alterations in the quality of the access to the web or by the suspension of the connection to the WEB.
The OWNER shall not be liable for any failure, malfunction, deterioration, erasing of data or software that may occur in the equipment or systems of the USER as a direct or indirect consequence of accessing the WEB.

Users who access the WEB of the OWNER will do so according to law, and must at all times access the WEB or its content only in agreement to what is established by law and/or motivated by lawful purposes, without violating any rights or freedom of third parties, and without carrying out any actions which may damage, impair, saturate or slow down the WEB, to the detriment of the OWNER or other third party users.

The service provided by the OWNER through the WEB is indefinite, subject to being suspended or canceled without prior notice.

Warning: this page only applies to the site which is under the domain of

Fourth.- Web contents

The CONTENTS of the WEB are meant to inform and publicize the activities, products, and services provided by the OWNER, they offer general guidance only, and are not binding for the OWNER.

The OWNER may modify the CONTENTS without prior notice, and remove and change its location within the WEB, or how the contents are accessed, and it might do so freely and without justification, or responsibility for the consequences that such changes could cause to the USER.

The OWNER will make every effort to ensure that the information on the WEB is accurate and without typo errors. If an error of such nature occurs, as an involuntary mistake from the OWNER’s part, it shall be corrected immediately.

If there is a typographical error in any price displayed and the USER makes a purchase decision based on that error, the OWNER shall inform the USER, who shall be entitled to cancel the purchase without any cost.

Moreover, it’s possible that on occasion the CONTENTS show provisional information about a product. If the information provided does not correspond to the final product characteristics, the USER will be entitled to cancel the purchase without any cost incurred by the USER. The automatic purchase confirmation does not validate mispricing conditions.

The USER is responsible for accessing the web’s CONTENTS. The OWNER may not be held responsible for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from accessing the WEB, whether of physical, logical, moral or personal in nature.

The use of the mentioned CONTENTS to promote, recruit or advertise personal or third party information without authorization from the OWNER is forbidden. It is also forbidden to advertise or resend information using the services or information available to the USERS, regardless of whether such services or information are free of charge or not.

The USER will not use the CONTENTS of the WEB in any way contrary to the law (in particular regarding the Law on Intellectual Property), nor may the USER copy, distribute, transform, modify or manipulate any such CONTENTS.

Fifth.- Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), WEB managers report the existence of a file under their responsibility which includes personal data on USERS in order to carry out the management, billing, ordering and/or newsletter subscriptions as well as sending commercial communication, which are basically publications related to new products of the company.

The data provided by the USER via the contact form will be used by the OWNER responsible for personal data to address any questions raised and to manage the services offered.

Required data is necessary and the refusal to supply such data may prevent the proper development of the requested service. The USER guarantees and responds at all times for the accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal data provided.

The OWNER of the data may exercise its rights at any time, which are covered in the LOPD included in this file and, in particular rights related to access, rectification, cancellation of data and opposition, if applicable, as well as withdrawal of consent for the transfer of data in the terms provided by the Data Protection Act. The USER may exercise these rights by giving notice to the OWNER through the above-mentioned address.

Comments and other actions submitted voluntarily by the USERS are not personal private data but public data, which is related to the votes and comments from other users. WEB managers may retain such data in order to maintain the consistency of the published information.

Sixth.- Use of cookies

The WEB uses cookies with the aim of verifying the identity of users. It also uses Google Analytics for statistics of access to and use of the platform. In this regard, besides the aforementioned cookies, other cookies related to following sessions and unique users may be added. However, they shall not include any personal or private information of the registered WEB USER, being completely dissociated and isolated from the data managed by the OWNER.

The companies which supply or may supply services regarding advertisements on the WEB, or which manage the access statistics, can use cookies for statistical purposes and only to access their servers. In no event can they access the WEB USER data.

USERS can eliminate or prevent using cookies within their browser options.

The WEB never keeps personal data from USERS, except as described above regarding cookies, unless the USER decides to register voluntarily in order to make purchases of products and services offered by the OWNER, or in order to receive information about promotions and content which the USER might be interested in.

When browsing the WEB and continuing to do so, the USER consents to the use of the aforementioned cookies, under the conditions described in the corresponding section.

Seventh.- Intellectual property

All rights of intellectual property and content from the WEB, as well as all content,  hosted -as way of example but without limitation- include: graphic design, logos, illustrations, photographs, texts, slogans and other items displayed on the WEB -unless stated otherwise- which are the exclusive property of the OWNER or third parties who have authorised to include such content in the WEB. Similarly, all trade names, trademarks or logos of any kind contained in the WEB are protected by law.

Any use or exploitation of any content included in the WEB through any means, without due prior written consent is forbidden by law.

The design and contents of the WEB are protected in accordance with the provisions of Law 23/2006 of July 7, by which the revised text of the Copyright Act is amended, as well as by Law 20/2003, of July 7, on legal protection of industrial design, and the Law 19/2006 of 5 June, by which the means of enforcing intellectual and industrial property are enlarged, and by which it’s forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, publish, edit, sell or exploit in any way the design and contents of the WEB.

Therefore, any use of the WEB or its CONTENTS must be exclusively for personal purposes. Any other use is reserved exclusively for the OWNER; uses such as copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of all or part of the content of the WEB, so no USER may carry out these actions without the prior written consent of the OWNER. The USER acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of the elements in the preceding paragraphs constitutes an infringement of the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property of the OWNER or third parties who have authorized the use of content in the WEB.

The OWNER respects the intellectual property of third parties. If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed please contact us at explaining your case.

Eighth.- links

Links or hyperlinks which third parties incorporate on their websites, which link to the WEB, will open the complete web page, and shall not express directly or indirectly, any false, inaccurate or misleading information, or engage in unfair or illegal actions against the OWNER.

The OWNER will not be held responsible for the reliability and speed of hyperlinks incorporated in the WEB for the opening of other websites. The OWNER does not guarantee the usefulness of these links nor is responsible for the content or services to which the USER can access through these links or for the proper functioning of these sites. The function of these links is solely to inform the USER about the existence of other Internet sources with information on the subject.

Ninth.- Responsibility of the OWNER

The products on the WEB comply with Spanish legislation. The OWNER´s responsibility cannot be called upon in the event of products which do not comply with the laws of the countries to which the products are sent to. It is the responsibility of the customers from outside of Spain to verify the possibility of importing or using the products which have been ordered.

Access to the WEB is voluntary, and the USER will be responsible for any direct or indirect effect as a result of using of the WEB. This includes, but is not limited to, all economic, technical and/or legal adversity, as well as disappointment of expectations, forcing the USER to indemnify the OWNER for any claim arising directly or indirectly from these facts.

The OWNER is not liable for any damages that may result from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, system failures and/or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system or appliances and computers of users, that may happen by causes outside the OWNER’s responsibility, which may prevent or delay the provision of services or browsing through the online shop, or entail delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overload of traffic on the Internet or other electronic systems, or the inability to provide the service or allow access for reasons not attributable to the OWNER, and which might be due to the USER, third parties or by force majeure. The OWNER does not control, in general, the use that the USER makes of the WEB.

In particular, the OWNER does not respond in any way for the users’ ability to use the WEB in accordance with the law, the present general conditions, generally accepted morality, decency, and public order.

Tenth.- Applicable law. Submission to jurisdiction

The present contract shall be governed by Spanish law, which applies for all matters not provided in this contract, in matters of interpretation, validity, and enforcement of the law.
The parties expressly waive their immunity, and expressly submit to the Courts of Palma the resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of the present contract terms.

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