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Return policy

  1. Defective product
  2. Unsatisfactory product
  3. Right of withdrawal
  4. Reimbursement
  5. Return Form

The right to return a product entails the full warranty offered by the OWNER covering the products.

1 Defective or Unsolicited Goods

Any claim of merchandise of goods which have been received damaged due to transportation, which was an incomplete or unsolicited order (which does not match the reference of the purchased item) must take place during the next 24 hours after delivery.

In the event of open or damaged packaging this should be indicated on the delivery note.

The OWNER will only accept the return of a product within 15 working days of receipt. To return a product the following form must be filled in (link to form), and a photograph stating the defects observed (for consideration) must be attached. If the return is accepted, the OWNER will send a confirmation email of reception of the claim and detail the procedure to be followed for returning the item.

Once the claim to return a product has been made and accepted, the OWNER reserves the right to decide wether to collect the defective or unsolicited good first, or proceed to substitute it directly by shipping a new good. If the good is first collected, once received, the OWNER will proceed to ship a product in perfect condition without any cost for the customer.

Only returns that have followed this procedure within the withdrawal period (15 days) will be accepted.

2 Unsatisfactory Products

For return reasons not attributable to the OWNER (as errors in the selection of colors, sizes or other mistakes in choosing the product, etc), the customer may also proceed to return the goods provided they are returned in its original packaging.

The USER must pay the direct costs of returning the corresponding articles and is responsible for the decline in value of the goods caused by the manipulation of items, unless such manipulation was necessary to know the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

To proceed to the refund it is necessary to contact the OWNER using the following form.

Returns that have followed this procedure within the withdrawal period (15 days) will be accepted.

3 Right of withdrawal

According to the provisions of Law 43/2007, of December 3, on protection of consumers in the procurement of goods which offer reimbursement of the price paid, the USER who holds the status of consumer may, within a maximum period of 15 working days from the purchase, withdraw from the agreememt by sending a communication regarding this matter by filling in the corresponding form.

The USER shall bear the costs arising from the reimbursement as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal:
Goods made according to specifications made by the client or clearly personalized. Sealed audio, video or software products and sealed digital products if they were unsealed after delivery.
Digital content (including e­books, digital software, etc) which has not been delivered in hard copy (that is not contained in media such as CD, DVD, etc).

4 Reimbursement

Once the product has been received by the OWNER, and having checked that it is in the same condition it was sent in the original packaging, OWNER shall procede to the reimbursement of the price paid for the good. The OWNER reserves the right to pay a lower amount in the event the material does not arrive in perfect conditions or is outside the original packaging.

In the event that the good is returned for reasons attributable to OWNER (defective or not coincident with the purchased product reference), the OWNER will be responsible for the collection or replacement of the product and shall bear the costs arising from returning the good.

In the event that the good is returned for reasons not attributable to the OWNER (changing colors, sizes, mistakes in choosing the product, etc), the OWNER shall refund the product price only but will not refund shipping costs arising from the purchase nor will the OWNER take care of the costs associated with returning the product, which will beared by the purchaser.

The OWNER will use the same means of payment used by the USER for the initial transaction unless a different agreement is reached to use other means of payment. Payment will be made within 14 days of the request for reimbursement of the product and provided it has actually been returned.

Returns form

Name and surname
Email with which you have placed the order
Contact phone
Order number (if applicable)
Invoice number
Reason for returning the good (drop down list where you must select one of the reasons):
1. Damaged product.
2. Unsolicited product.
3. Unsatisfactory product.
4. Right of withdrawal.
Problem description:
Attach files (field to attach images up to 2 MB per image whenever considered necessary).