You can have fun with culture. Together with your family, in Mallorca, during your vacation. In Spanish, in English, in other languages… In your home, anytime, in summer, in winter, in spring in autumn...

First person of the plural,

... a very unique team.

Lluïsa Calafat and Margalida Castells are the soul of Souvenir Edicions. They are friends, partners and experts who are familiar with the culture and heritage of Mallorca. They have degrees in History of Art and History respectively, as well as post-graduates, masters and an extensive professional experience linked to cultural diffusion in different areas and addressed to different audiences.

However, it is not their professional profiles but their personal interests and values which have joined them together in this project, which required high doses of trust, enthusiasm and energy to fill the gap they had detected with a very clear common objective: to involve children and adults in joint cultural activities.

And they seem to have found the way (and the formula!) to reach their objective. Their personal experiences, their passions and their entrepreneurial spirit have created the perfect synergy to create Souvenir Edicions. A creative proposal for which Lluïsa and Margalida put themselves in the shoes of the parents and minds of children.

And the next thing they do is put their product in your hands…


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